Let’s face it, no one likes to wake up to a cold house, or for some, no hot water as well, and realize they are faced with burner repairs! We are pretty sure that with this frigid winter and its wind, snow and ice, many of our Oakdale residents have been faced with this very scenario.  Beyond that, it is very important that you do not play phone book roulette in order to choose a company to make that repair.

When choosing a company, it is most important that the company be reliable and have certified repair men who can make an informed and accurate diagnosis, and subsequently make a swift and expert repair with quality replacement parts.  Getting customers up and running again in the shortest amount of time is of no use if the repair is not expert and the problem is not solved satisfactorily. This is why we believe and stand behind that belief, that Alcus Fuel is the company you need to contact for burner repairs in Oakdale, Long Island. Find us on the web at: alcusfuel.com.