Long Island, New York has a summer season that can last form May until late September depending upon that year’s weather patterns. It is no different in Patchogue. I remember a couple of Mother’s Days years ago with the family all gathered inside because it was too rainy to be outside. It was hot and sticky and we were happy we had the air conditioner to turn on. A big, noisy, wall unit; the installation central air conditioning would have been great thing to have had. With the central air conditioning units and their installations being as easy, innovative, energy-efficient as they are today, there is no reason to have the old style window or wall units.

Alcus has been performing central air conditioning unit installations for our Patchogue, N.Y. customers for years. With efficient workers who know what they are doing, central air conditioning installations are regular happening for us and all of our Patchogue customers are 100% pleased. We can also say that our installations have left them 100% cool!