With New York and Long Island summer upon us, anyone with central air conditioning knows how important that your unit is in great working condition and performing as it is supposed to perform. There is nothing worse than expecting you and your family or guests to be in cool comfort on a humid summer’s day and instead you are getting. “hot under the collar” as it is not performing well. As air conditioning does just that…condition the air, and primarily by removing moisture from the air your system works hard during the New York summer season, and may need repair at some point.

Even the best of systems sometimes need a repair, be it parts replacement or some other issue.  At Alcus Fuel, of Sayville, New York, we are dedicated to our customers and our repair teams do regular maintenance and any subsequent repairs that might be needed. We pride ourselves in answering central air conditioning repair calls as soon as we can after receiving them. With so many working and moving and mechanical parts skilled trouble-shooting and subsequent repair or replacement is what is needed. At Alcus Fuel of Sayville, New York we sell, install and repair central air conditioning units and make sure there is 100% satisfaction when we do.