When the Ronkonkoma heating season is over, we at Alcus Fuel know that the need for cooling can come very quickly. People turn their thoughts away from heating and turn them to air conditioning. As scenic and inviting Long Island can be, our many residents know that summers can be a little warmer than is comfortable. Along with the increase in temperatures, comes the rise in humidity. Even with ocean breezes, sometimes it just becomes necessary to use air conditioning. The next question becomes: “What kind of air conditioning?”

In the short-term, buying a window unit and quickly installing it seems to be the solution. In truth, a central air conditioning system is the more efficient and cost effective solution, especially in Long Island where units can run constantly to combat the heat and humidity! With a central air conditioning unit, there are no air leaks to be found as with those around window units. And while bugs may still sneak in through our doors and on our clothing, the small spaces left between a hastily installed window and the window frame are no longer a means of entrance for pesky insects.  There is also a more efficient way to deal with the condensation that comes from cooling the air. Central air conditioning is also a system; the cool, filtered air is distributed/available, throughout the house or business, not just in the one room where your window unit has been placed.  In short, Ronkonkoma homes and businesses can be easily cooled and made efficient, with central air conditioning, and a call to Alcus Fuel Oil is the first step to keep from getting hot under the collar this summer, and for many summers to come! Ask about our non-invasive ductless systems…you will be glad you did.