As the heat and humidity increase in Long Island, so do the ads for air conditioners. It seems that window units can be found in almost any stores, from large box stores, to some of the grocery stores as well. While it might seem like a deal or a quick solution at first look, buying a window unit might not be such a great idea for most cooling situations. After you buy the unit, you are on your own, or paying a second time to have it “properly” installed. For the renter, this unfortunately is the only choice. Not so for Long Island home, building and business owners, as for them, central air conditioning units are an option.

Many people think that running air conditioning is too costly and out of their budget. While this is true about old fashioned window units, it is not so with the newest developments in cost-effective, efficient central air conditioning units. For Long Island, central air conditioning units are the best way to combat summer’s heat and the high humidity. And once again, there are many places one can find central air conditioning systems for sale in Long Island. Finding a reliable company with years of experience in central air conditioning unit sales and installation can be hit or miss. With hundreds of satisfied clients, Alcus Fuel sells, installs and maintains the most up to date, cost effective central air conditioning units as well as the amazing ductless systems. A ductless air conditioning system means just that; no duct work. These systems easily install in your home or business without having to tear into your walls! They are mounted directly ON the wall. Call Alcus Fuel of Long Island and find out more about the central air conditioning units we have for sale.