In the today’s tight economy, there are many homeowners and even renters who must buy their own heating oil, stretching budgets to make that happen. Many of these people are right here in, or near, to Oakdale, New York.  It is so important that a reliable residential heating oil company be found and used.

It is not enough for a residential heating oil company to offer a good price for their oil, but rather, a company should be competitive in that pricing and offer their customers more. Your residential heating oil service should have flexible delivery options, quality fuel, competitive pricing and great customer care and service. And, let us not forget a company that will offer you contracted or non-contracted service, yearly service check-ups, and reliable repair. Alcus Fuel of Oakdale, has been serving and satisfying residential heating customers in the Oakdale and surrounding the Long Island area for decades. Our website will give you the ability to find daily residential heating oil pricing simply by doing a zip code search!  We even offer a 24 hour emergency repair service. Find us on the web at: